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Charity Launch Media Release

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A Touch of Love and Hope

Geraldine Di Marco, the Board of Directors and the Honorary Board Members are proud to launch A Touch of Love and Hope  On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, at 7:30 P.M. The Riviera Parque, Porta Bella Room, 2800 Highway #7 West, Concord.

A Touch of Love and Hope is a newly Registered Non-Profit Organization, in the process of receiving Charitable status. It will fundraise toward programs that support mentally and physically disabled children in my native home, the Commonwealth of Dominica. Our funding efforts will be directed to established local programs currently operated by the Alpha Centre and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Roseau.

As a way of giving back to our local community, our funds raised will also be directed to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Toronto General Hospital, for their continued Research which is the core strength of the Cardiac Centre. As well as, the Mackenzie Health Care Centre, MRI Unit, Richmond Hill, towards their newly purchased and installed second permanent State of the Art MRI Scanner.

My Husband, John Di Marco and I, were inspired to create a Touch of Love and Hope after learning from a friend in Dominica of the many health challenges existing. We realized how much we have to be thankful for in Canada, and recognized the dire need for health care for Dominica’s most vulnerable, its children.

We decided to create a project that would include the Commonwealth of Dominica as well as our local community. At that time, both John and I were serving on the Board of Directors of Opera Belcanto of York, and prior to that, I served on the Opera York Board for 12 years. The Opera is our passion, but we decided to resign from our positions as Board Members to create and maintain this Organization.

A Touch of Love and Hope is operated by a dedicated Board of Directors and a group of loyal volunteers who take pride in supporting children in need, as well as helping to make their own local communities a better place in which to live.

For further information: info@touchofloveandhope.com,


Geraldine Di Marco

President, A Touch of Love and Hope