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Launching a Touch of Love and Hope

A number of people came together at the Riviera Parque to announce and celebrate the launch of A Touch of Love and Hope on December 16, 2014. This is a newly formed non-profit organization co-founded by Geraldine and John Di Marco. Its objective is to raise funds to support local and international health and education initiatives.

Its immediate international focus is to support the Alpha Centre, a school operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Roseau, giving life skills and hope to 6-19 year old mentally and physically challenged children in the Commonwealth of Dominica; Geraldine’s native home.

Locally, A Touch of Love and Hope funds raised will contribute to the second permanent and more powerful MRI Scanner at the MacKenzie Health Care Centre, as well as research at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, Toronto General Hospital.

Danny Boni/Riviera Parque, J.D.M. Realty Ltd, and Beaver Valley Stone Limited sponsored last night’s event. Geraldine and John Di Marco delivered a welcoming address, thanks, and introduced the organization, its goals, partnerships and inaugural board.

The Honorary Board includes: Deputy Mayor, City of Vaughan,Michael Di Biase; Regional Councillor, City of Vaughan, Gino Rosati; Msgr. William John-lewis, Director, Diocese of Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica; Dominica’s trade and Investment Commissioner in Canada, Frances Delsol; President, COMITES – Toronto, Cav. Gino Cucchi.

The Board of Directors includes: Geraldine Di Marco, President; John Di Marco, treasurer; Sabrina Di Marco, Vice President; Christine De Wairy, Secretary; Cav.Roberto Bandiera; Eliana Di Biase; John Albert Di Marco, Vincenzo Somma; Elena Zeppieri.

In attendance were: Deputy Mayor of Vaughan, Michael Di Biase, Regional Councilor Gino Rosati, Trade and Investment Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Dominica, Francis Delsol, Tammy Bucci, Senior Major Gifts Officer, Mackenzie Health Foundation.

Sabrina Di Marco read greetings from the Mayor of Markham, the Alpha Centre in Dominica, and the Knights of Columbus, as well as spoke to the impact that programs of this kind can have on the lives of an individual; witnessed from her travels and work in international development. Tammy Bucci from the MacKenzie health centre thanked the organization for its important fundraising pursuits. OMNI’s Italian News anchor and board member, Vincenzo Somma vivaciously served as the MC.

For the organization’s first event last night, both the Italian-Canadian community and the Commonwealth of Dominica-Canadian Community, rallied together with enthusiasm for this new organization and most importantly for the benefits that we, who are very fortunate in Canada, can share with children who would otherwise be forgotten. As well as equip our communities with health care needs that we hopefully won’t have to use ourselves one day.

The evening was elegant, colorful, and very convivial. Artistic Director, Sabatino Vacca played the piano and Frank Pagliaro played strolling guitar.

This new organization can only help these children and support local health care with your help and the help of the whole community. A Touch of Love and Hope invites you to join us as members, volunteers, or sponsors. Please contact Geraldine or John Di Marco at 905-851-4409.

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